Mr Hashimoto started the engine.

Please tell me what this is about.

It doesn't work like that.

I don't know if I should go or not.


We need to change the system.

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That's a ridiculous idea.

What about the office?

I'm not in love with anyone.

No, it's been delayed 45 minutes.

Hit the brakes.

Are you capable of swimming?

Jeany never talked about you.

You must bring the person who is immediately concerned with the accident.

The Indonesian government is very unhappy at reports that Australian diplomats have been tapping their telephone calls, cables and other communications.

You must go.

Have the children eaten yet?

I have to get that.

Brent raised me.


These are questions worth debating.


I never said that to you.

Ramon works on an oil rig.

Peaches taste sweet.


I thought that you didn't smoke.

Just as Dana predicted, our team lost.

Help me and I will help you.

It's a shame that concrete doesn't burn.

Night is for sleeping.

His constant insults aroused her anger.

Tovah will return at 2:30.

We should keep moving.

I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.

Police can't be trigger happy.

I am a Muslim.

Those ideas are alien to our way of thinking.

Suddenly, he took out a ring, kneeled on the ground, and asked me to marry him.


But you cannot understand. How could you understand what it is to feel old?


Claude always seems to be complaining.


Do you like solving puzzles?

I've asked you repeatedly not to do that.

I'm a happy and healthy person, who is full of energy, with a positive attitude and outlook on life.


I was afraid I was going to lose you.


Could you help me wash the dishes?

Anna likes to watch soccer.

Jeannette and Micah carpool to work.


Sadly, women do not seem to have much value in other counties; this often seems to be due to patriarchal and sexist laws being applied upon populations, therefore perpetuating the patriarchal ideal that women are not equivalent to men.


This will pass.

Let's draw lots to decide who goes first.

I'd like to drink a cup of tea.


Hector is very good at the guitar.

She shaved her head.

He threw an extraordinary party.

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I think Chris should do that.


Why weren't you allowed to go?

Someone called.

The more people buy a certain merchandise, the higher its price.


Making cheese is an art.

Suzan doesn't want to hurt us.

What is going on there now?

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We are to meet at the station at seven.

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Thank her for the help.

Randal is family.

What do you think is going to happen?

Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.

Nothing is worse than telemarketing.

The girl spends hours drawing superhero comics.

Why do you have to stay in London in this heat?

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What makes you smile?

The idea made my soul rise.

How do you prefer your eggs?


We're cardiologists.

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I insist on your being present.


I have to go back.

Keep away from them.

Tomorrow I'll cut you.

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"You see," said the elder brother, "I was right. Here I have lived quietly and well, while you, though you may have been a king, have seen a great deal of trouble."

I really want to speak English fluently.

I knew that was her.

He's standing behind his mother.

You must not read while eating.

You have no idea how painful it is to say this.

If you want to still be my friend, you can never do this again.

I forgot to tell you about him.

Where does she live now?

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Can you hear that?

The company has growing pains now.

They should wash their faces.


Why don't you consult a lawyer?


She spread the margarine in place of the butter.


Where did he see action?

I bet Sonja didn't stay up all night worrying about this.

I told Monica what the problem was.


The old man stopped for a moment to rest.

My father graduated from Harvard University.

Vincent sounds horrible.

Stick it to the Man!

I'll shut you out.

I could go for some pizza right now.

No more chatting!

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I believe I got the chicken pox.

Can I leave my bag here?

This hall holds 2,000 people.

That's all I can tell you right now.

Pua sang.


If you work hard, you'll pass your exam.

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There was no point remaining.


That's not OK.

How could it not bother you?

I'm going to have to ask you a few questions.

What are they drinking?

He helps her.

Elwood is still in a daze.

Shuvra is good with his hands and has built many interesting things.

I want a book to read on the train.

Kathy was just sitting in his car, looking at people walk by.

I know you're in pain.

Shut up or I'll shut you up!


I'd like to live in Italy.

How tall is that tower?

He is an acclaimed and gifted writer.

That's no good! You're tall so you've got to be in the forward defence.

Wolf doesn't deserve the salary we're paying him.

This exercise is easy enough for me to do without help.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Go choke!

This isn't a trap.

He is on good terms with his classmates.

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I won't be late again.


I can't confirm anything at this time.

Leave town.

You didn't seem to want that book.


Barton hasn't opened his book yet.

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Glen turned off the heat.

Could you spell your name, please?

Friends are very important to her.

I found the new magazine very interesting.

Let us not forget about ourselves!

It's like bedlam in here.

All that effort - and nothing to show for it. How very depressing.


He tried, and he got it.


It was so dark.

I will work to the best of my ability.

They are concerned with the project also.

They are in the same camp.

He is over the hill, you know.

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The town where he was brought up lies east of Osaka.

I read the song to my child.

Tears flowed unabated from my eyes.

Thanks to Mr Nagata.

I am the boss in my office.

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Val and Phil have never been close friends.


What do I owe?

I couldn't sleep well because of a harsh dream.

It will not last more than three minutes.

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I did not expect it to be that big.

The two scholars argued for hours about biblical hermeneutics.

The factory has been lying idle for a year.